Hammonasset Beach State Park – A Pristine Coastal Area in Connecticut


Hammonasset Beach State Park pic
Hammonasset Beach State Park
Image: ct.gov

Tiffany Hustis has had an extensive business career and is currently a stay-at-home mom. In her free time, she enjoys traveling throughout New England and the Caribbean. Among Tiffany Hustis’s favorite local excursions are trips to the Connecticut shoreline.

Spanning 1,000 acres, one of the region’s most well-preserved coastal areas is Hammonasset Beach State Park, which runs along Long Island Sound and one side of the Hammonasset River. Characterized by a brackish tidal marsh, the land also contains 100 upland acres of young forest. This unique combination of marsh and upland habitats means that many different bird species use the park as a stop during their annual migration.

One of the migrating birds that stops at Hammonasset are the piping plover. This federally threatened species makes the river beach its nesting spot. Other threatened birds that make the park their home include the least tern and the American oystercatcher. Additionally, a number of wading birds collect in large numbers for wintering and stopovers, including the northern harrier.