Common Resume Mistakes


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An experienced recruitment industry professional, Tiffany Hustis has counseled many job seekers in the skills necessary to secure the ideal position. In her roles as branch manager for Manpower Incorporated and staffing specialist for the Gibbs College Placement Agency, Tiffany Hustis helped candidates refine their resumes.

A job candidate’s resume is one of the first screening tools that an employer uses to determine if a person is qualified for the position and serious about his or her career. Job seekers need to present themselves in the best possible light, and this starts with a resume that is free of misspellings and grammar mistakes.

Employers also tend to look for resumes that are too generic. To avoid being placed in this category, a candidate’s career summary and objective statement, if included, should match the job to which he or she is applying. The positions that the candidate includes in the resume should also correlate with the target position and should not be overly outdated, just as skills sections should not emphasize obsolete technologies or processes.

Experts also urge job seekers to keep descriptions brief and focus on details, rather than on general responsibilities. If the candidate had a measurable impact on the company’s performance, those figures are ideal. Awards and other commendations are also relevant, particularly if they appear alongside the achievements that led to their being granted.